Rapid Prototyping of Electronic Devices

Hey. I'm Daniel. I work one-on-one with entrepreneurs to cost-effectively design and manufacture innovative products.

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New products fail primarily because of a lack of understanding of customer needs and wants. Instead of relying on assumptions, gather feedback early by testing successive prototypes with customers.

I specialize in early stage product development. I perform research, build proof of concepts, design electronics, coordinate PCB manufacturing, design and produce 3D models and objects, and develop firmware.
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Fraser Instruments: Success in the Snow Safety Industry

Fraser Instruments - founded by Fraser Pogue - tested their market early and frequently.

"Daniel's protoypes have been instrumental in the success of our business. I've taken them to conferences, private meeting, and used them in the field with prospective customers. They've enabled me to speak concretely with customers about their needs, and really understand the market."

- Fraser Pogue, Founder of Fraser Instruments

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The Process

  1. 1. Background Research
  2. 2. Develop a Proof-of-Concept
  3. 3. Design a Circuit Board (PCB)
  4. 4. PCB Fabrication
  5. 5. Assemble PCBs
  6. 6. Develope Firmware
  7. 7. 3-D Modelling and Printing

Next Steps

  1. We meet for coffee (1-2 hours) to discuss your company, the market, needed services, timeline, and budget.
  2. I perform background research to identify likely difficulties and plan development.
  3. I write proposal to convey development plan including budget, milestones, and deliverables.
  4. We meet again (1-2 hours) to discuss the proposal, make adjustments, and sign a contract.
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