Hi, I'm Daniel. I enjoy meeting new people, being innovative, and working hard to solve problems. As a child I was otherwise normal, but apparently building computers from spare parts and teaching oneself how to create websites is not something many of my friends recall doing. In hindsight I shouldn't be surprised that I now professionally develop hardware and software, but it wasn't something I planned to do. Back then I just wanted to be an inventor.

I have been fortunate to get an excellent education in computer science at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and electrical engineering at the Unviersity of British Columbia (UBC). Throughout my career in Engineering I've been performing research and development in some capacity, which enables me to be immeasurably more useful in product development than someone specializing only in hardware design or only in software/firmware development because I will take the time to explore novel solutions. Additionally, my years of entrepreneurship experience gives me the unique perspective of an engineer with a coherent understanding of business.

In my spare time I regularly play Ice Hockey, and dance West Coast Swing. With the latter I have moved towards competing internationally, and have recently begun teaching.

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